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Our Plan

Queensland needs a new vision. Decades of cuts, privatisations, and casualisation have meant that our lives were already getting stressful and tough, well before the current crisis, while so much of our state’s wealth went to multinational corporations and rich investors.

We don't have to return to this broken model. We can come together to build an economy owned by everyday Queenslanders - one that guarantees everyone gets the things they need to live a good life. 

By making big banks, developers and mining corporations pay their fair share, we can fund a huge expansion of our health system and essential services, guarantee everyone has a home, and create 100,000s of good, secure jobs. We can build a Queensland that works for everyone.

Over the coming months in the lead up to the State election in October, we will be announcing bold, common sense policies as part of our plan for Queensland. This page will feature the new policies as they are announced. For a full list of Queensland Greens policies, visit the Queensland Greens website.