$1,255.00 raised
GOAL: $1,800.00

Help us reach local residents with a message from Katinka!

Our Greens campaign to win Cooper has officially launched, and we need you to help us get the word out that we can win!

We want to reach 20,000 residents across Cooper, but we need to raise $1,800 to cover printing costs.

This election, the major parties have deep pockets, and they'll be going hard with advertising and promotional material. The Greens don't take corporate donations, so we don't have the big money they do - we rely on help from thousands of everyday folks like you. 

We have written a letter to introduce Katinka, our bold vision to transform Queensland politics, and the fact that we can win - to reach everyone in Cooper who doesn't know that yet. 

Our letter is ready to go - we just need to raise the money to print 20,000 copies for hand delivery by our team of fantastic volunteers.

If you can spare even just a few dollars, it will help us break through the major parties' noise with a clear message:

Politics should be working for people, not profit.

Donations of $1,000 and over are reportable to ECQ. A person who makes such a political donation must give ECQ a report in the approved form, eight weeks after the end of a 6 monthly period ie 31 December and 30 June.

The first $1,500 of membership fees and/or donations to a political party from individuals in a financial year are tax-deductible.

Who's donating

Attila Nagy
Josh Toombs
Victor Huml
Anastasia Blake
Jo Winston
Luke Moulston
Kathryn Reid
Tom Manderson
Robert Avaient
Grant Sparks
Josephine Perret
Lisa Le

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